Drainage pumps for extracting ground water

Dewatering refers to the solid-liquid separation process of extracting and draining ground water or surface water, usually from a construction site but also river beds and mine shafts. A dewatering pump, or a drainage pump as it is otherwise known, is used as a method of removing this water, typically before work commences on site e.g. a subsurface excavation for building foundations below the water table. Drainage pumps are also commonly used for removing ground water in mines and quarries. Submersible, vertical turbine and centrifugal pumps powered either electrically or via a diesel engine for remote locations, are the common types of dewatering pumps.

Berman SDP 756/512 Submersible Dewatering Pumps
  Heavy duty construction with lightweight portability – durability and strength with ease of transport, maintenance and less downtime
  Optimum mix of wear resistant materials – full utilization of wearing parts for maximum wear life
  Great value with a modular design – easily adjusted and replaced wear parts for less downtime
  Common components between SDP 756/512 sizes – reduced spares inventory and ease of maintenance
•   Simple access to separate sealed electrical junction box – ease of cable replacement
  Temperature sensors fitted to motor windings allow automatic shutdown in the event of overheating – pump can run dry without risk of burnout
  High specification mining cable as standard – ready to use out of the box
  Silicon carbide faces on primary seal – longest life in dirty water applications

Berman SDP 756/512 Submersible Dewatering Pumps