On-Line Leak Sealing
Leak Sealing Services AF Pump and Valves’s history of developing innovative technologies continues with the addition of On-Line Leak Sealing (formerly known as Injectaseal), helping you to avoid production losses and unscheduled plant shutdowns. Our expert leak sealing knowledge ensures leaks are efficiently and permanently fixed.

With continuous on-call availability, our specialist on-line leak sealing of flanges, bonnets, valves and fittings offers a fast, efficient and cost effective solution for leaks. With a right first time philosophy, safety is ensured and environmental performance prioritized while plant downtime and costs are reduced to a minimum.

We repair leaks on flanges, pipelines, stuffing boxes and valves under full pressure and temperature in a variety of industries, including: power plants, petrochemical and chemical industries, utility companies and other manufacturing industries.

 Your leaks are repaired while your facilities stay on-line
•  Allowing continue production without loss of output
•  Saving time and money
•  Allowing you to maintain and increase your plant safety
•  Safe, efficient, non-destructive and cost-efficient sealing of flanges, bonnets, fittings, elbows
•  Rapid response with large stocks and dedicated in-house mechanical workshops
•  High quality standards
•  Around the clock advice and service

If leakages on continuous production facilities occur this could mean a restriction of output, which will be costly, we can prevent this occurring by:
•  Technical Inspection Agency approvals
•  Highly skilled senior technicians
•  24 hour call out service
•  Application of certified materials
•  Calculation of components according to AD-ASME guidelines
•  Hand over of complete calculation documents and sealing appliance
•  In house workshop and manufacturing

AF Pump and Valves’s Approvals and Certificates:

DIN EN ISO 9001 Certificate
AF Pump and Valves practices efficiently a quality management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001

SCC** Certificate
AF Pump and Valves has a management system for safety, healthiness, and environment protection based on SCC**, a check list is adopted and applied

Certificate for leak sealing
AF Pump and Valves has a certificate in the field of leak sealing of plant components under operation according to UVV VGB 2

VEBA Oel Certificate
AF Pump and Valves has an allowance for appropriate re-stamping of materials concerning to pressurized systems according to § 11 GSG.

Certificate for § 19 WHG
AF Pump and Valves is a business specialized according to § 19 WHG for handling with substances hazardous to water for hazard category AI-AIII, B as well as hazardous substances of WGK 1-3.

•  Certification for re-stamping
•  Certificate for safety valves
•  Certificate for thermowells
•  Security-Safety Management
For leak sealing services available in your area please contact your local representative.