Hydraulic Cylinders are used to create force in a single direction through a single stroke in the same direction. This kind of hydraulic force is applicable in the use of heavy equipment, usually construction equipment and manufacturing machinery.

Typically oil, it is pressurized fluid which provides hydraulic cylinders with power. The cylinder consists of a cylinder barrel in which the piston rod moves a piston back and forth creating pressure behind the hydraulic fluid.

Single acting or double acting

For the sake of economy and simplicity, single acting cylinders are popular. The hydraulic fluid enters the cylinder at one end forcing the rod to move. The rod in turn arrives back at its original position through gravity. Whereas a double acting cylinder has a port at both ends, using hydraulic fluid for the entire process instead of relying on gravity for retraction.

Mounting Style

The style in which the hydraulic cylinder is mounted can have a large impact on the performance of the cylinder and on its life-span. Ideally one would mount a cylinder in exact alignment. However the nature of some equipment does not allow for this and the various mounting styles of hydraulic cylinders will come into play to allow the most effective operation.

Hydraulic Cylinders from AF Pump and Valves (Pty) Ltd

Our hydraulic cylinders are designed for efficiency and longevity. Proper engineering and meticulous design ensure that the Hydraulic Cylinders supplied by AF Pump and Valves (Pty) Ltd have an extended operational life before maintenance and repair are required.

The normal working pressure of our hydraulic cylinders adheres to industry standards and are designed to have a high degree of reliability in heavy industry and varied applications.

Industries in which hydraulics can be applied

The various industries in which hydraulic equipment and principles can be a applied are vast in their range. A few examples include:-

  • Civil engineering
  • Mining; where hydraulic equipment are used widely
  • Metal industries and foundries
  • Construction
  • Manufacturing: Automated assembly systems
  • Car wash
  • Conveyor systems

Hydraulics and fluid power systems can be applied in virtually any field. AF Pump and Valves (Pty) Ltd are able to design and manufacture according to specifications supplied by the client.

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