Markets: Subsea


With subsea exploration venturing ever deeper, AF Pump and Valves’s unrivalled experience in subsea connectors and tensioners, and industry-leading pipeline repair systems ensures we are perfectly placed to support our clients’ initiatives in deep water fields across the globe.

With safety always top of mind, one thing you can be sure of is that every new product and every service solution we initiate will be resolutely fit for purpose.

Superior Engineered Systems

As oil and gas production extends ever deeper, new challenges are emerging. AF Pump and Valves has been a pioneer in this field, meeting the growing requirement for remote activation of bolted applications, by introducing increasingly innovative solutions to the oil and gas industry.
Our Mechanical Connectors are equal in strength and performance to a welded connection, eliminating the need for hot work and providing total safety for any application where a weld would be a traditional solution.

We have developed remote bolting systems which allow both connectors and clamps to be bolted securely without the need for diver intervention.
Our expertise in the field has also enabled us to expand our engineered product range to include Riser Hang-off Systems, Split Sleeve Repair Clamps, and Quick Release Nuts.
Capable of tensioning every single stud in a joint simultaneously, the Multi-Stud Tensioner (MST) provides increased time savings by offering the fastest and most technically efficient method of tightening any connection.

Contingency Planning and Preparation

As a forward-thinking provider of premium subsea solutions, AF Pump and Valves has been a leading provider of Emergency Pipeline Repair System (EPRS) coverage since the late 1980’s. EPRS is the process of deciding on an emergency repair procedure and retaining the necessary tooling, equipment and services to cope with unplanned repairs, minimizing the resultant damage to the environment and field operation.

Products Designed to Work 24/7

Providing a high level of safety and a consistently high level of performance is of paramount importance in subsea environments and AF Pump and Valves tooling is made to withstand the most demanding underwater conditions.

Bolt Tensioners
Torque Wrenches
Pipe Cutting and Machining
Flange Spreaders
Flange Pullers
Power Consoles
Subsea Training Courses

Consultation Services

AF Pump and Valves provides full consultation services from the outset of a project or contingency plan. We can work alongside the operator and asset owners, or if necessary become fully integrated with your operational team. Our global experience and expertise means that we can prepare your company for every eventuality and ensure that absolute joint integrity is maintained at every stage of your operation.

From on-going training of personnel to regular maintenance of the tools and equipment, secure storage and contract management, no other company in the world is better placed to provide first class joint integrity service than AF Pump and Valves.