On-Line Safety Valve Testing
Valve Testing Services AF Pump and Valves’s teams of skilled engineers are able to test the response pressure of safety relief valves under normal operating conditions. This TÜV-approved computerized test system does not require any increase of operating pressure.

Our state of the art technology provides assurance that safety systems are in good working order and meets safety requirements of verifying operation at production pressures.

This market leading process enables testing without the need to increase line pressure and eliminates the cost of unnecessary valve removal and replacement.

•  Test procedure applicable for all sizes
•  TÜV approved certification for all tested valves
•  Enables testing of response pressures without increasing the operational pressure
•  Avoids down time and labour costs associated with valve removal/replacement
•  Eliminating costs for transport of the valves, avoids transport damage
•  Efficient management of test data including settings and results
•  Reducing costs
•  Suitable for gas, steam, condensate and water
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