Magnetically coupled pumps for leak-free pumping

Magnetic drive pumps, or magnetically coupled pumps as they are otherwise known, are a type of pump that differ slightly in its operation to the standard design. Rather than a direct mechanical shaft, the motor is coupled to the pump by a magnet. This design eliminates the chance of leakages, and a mag drive pump is therefore ideal for applications where leaked fluid provides a hazard to the workforce or surrounding environment.

Common applications in which a magnetic drive pump may be required include:-

Aggressive chemicals
Nuclear plants
Acids and solvents
Where leaked fluid may cause electric shocks

Whilst suitable for aggressive liquids, fluids containing particles can be problematic for mag drive pumps as they can stick to the magnet. Due to the lack of seals in magnetically coupled pumps they are generally low maintenance, and less expensive to maintain. The magnetic coupling also offers some protection against dry running meaning the coupling will slip at times where the pump is ran dry.

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