Borehole water pumps and oil pumps

Essentially a borehole pump is a pump used to extract fluid, usually water or oil, from a purposely made borehole. Borehole pumps are available in a range of sizes, and it is therefore important that the correct sized pump is utilized for the specific borehole dimensions so that there is little clearance around the sides.

Applications for which a borehole pump is commonly used are:-

Water supply
Seawater Lift
Emergency deballasting
Diesel transfer

Borehole pumps are usually made of corrosion resistant materials in order to protect the pump against the minerals in the soil that they come into contact with. They are often manufactured with an inlet filter or gauze to filter out particles that would otherwise damage the pump due to its internal efficient design having little clearance for large particles. Our range of borehole pumps are able to handle sand content up to 300g/M³ due to the patented floating impeller design allowing passage of large sand content in water.

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